Your next bikepacking destination: 5 reasons to go to Hungary

Are you planning to go cycle touring? But not sure about your next destination? Here are a few reasons why Hungary is a great place for a bikepacking tour:

1. The Danube and the Danube Bend

The Danube flows through almost all of Europe, but during its nearly 3,000 km journey the Hungarian part is one of the most beautiful and spectacular section: freshing riverside bikepaths, long islands with special atmosphere, free beaches and of course the spectacular Danube Bend, and the surrounding mountains are a must see for everyone. And of course not just to see it: you definitely have to climb it!

2. The Castles, history on the top of the mountains

If you are cycling in Hungary it is not difficult to run into a medieval castle. For example: there are Visegrád Castle, Hollókő Castle, Füzér Castle or Regéci Castle. All of these are in a great condition, perfectly accessible by bike and offer a real time trip when you ride out from the forest and walk around a place with such a great past and stories.

3. Rolling hills, the Hungarian Highlands

In addition to their romantic atmosphere, and amazing views the Hungarian Highlands are a great challenge for a bike rider. Although its highest point is just a little bit more than 1000 meters, but you can expect a serious level of elevation gain on these rolling and varied hills. And one more thing: in the depths of the forest you can easily find up a 10-20 kilometer gravel roads, which let’s be honest: is a dream of many bikepacker.

4. The Hungarian gastronomy, wines and food

If you haven't tried the Hungarian wines yet, this is the time for it: if you ride around Eger, don't forget to taste the Bikavér (Bullblood), and if you are in Tokaj, then go for a famous dessert wine called Aszú. But do not forget about the Hungarian food either: after a long ride, there is nothing better than a goulash soup, a fish soup or lángos in a rural inn. Believe me, eating a dish like these, will certainly give you enough energy for the next day’s cycling.

5. Budapest, all in one

In the capital of Hungary, you will find an evolving bike community and everything you need for a great ride: bike+coffe places, great bikeshops, established bike roads, and above the city there are some pleasant rolling hills with some spectacular views over the city. Moreover, there  are few more beautiful things than returning to Budapest in the evening and riding along the Danube River in front of the Parliament building.

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If you are interested cycling in Hungary and you would like to visit it in 2019, then we have one more reason for you to do it: in August, a brand new bikepacking tour called the 5 Peaks 500 will be hold for the very first time. From Budapest to Tokaj, you can experience all of the beauties of this country.

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