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Rolling into the Hungarian wilderness - the 2021 edition of the Hungarian Divide.

The magical atmosphere of the Hungarian mountains will serve yet another time as the backdrop of the Hungarian Divide, an ultra-endurance bicycle challenge with epic landscapes, joy, camaraderie and tense competition on two wheels.

Levente Bagoly competing at the 2020 Hungarian Divide
"We got a very good mixture of everything that is the key for a good divide event." Levente Bagoly

Although the Hungarian Divide has a short history, it already provided an impressive list of long lasting memories for many riders all over Europe and beyond. Who could have forgotten the “sprint finish” between Levente Bagoly and Zoltán Zóka-Újhelyi that lasted over a few hundred kilometers and saw Levente finishing first by a mere hour or so; or the drama when Zsolt Boruzs just after passing the halfway mark, Budapest, had to rest for about 30 hours following a miscalculation of his energy and food intake, but still arrived in the top 10 at the finish a few days later; and the laughter and joyful times that many of the riders enjoyed while pedaling through the Hungarian countryside.

View from the Nagy-Hideg-hegy
"The Hungarian Divide is the perfect way to discover the beautiful countryside of Hungary." Vincent Olivier

The route of the 2021 Hungarian Divide will start in the heart of the Zemplén mountains at the eastern border of the country. This year, the 2020 finish area, the beautiful Smaragdvölgy Recreation Park will serve as the gathering and starting point of the event.

Riders can enter the 2021 Hungarian Divide in two categories. The TOUR category is dialed towards the fun aspects of bikepacking, while the SOLO category is for those riders who have a competitive edge.

Zsófia Szarka is at the start of the 2020 Hungarian Divide